Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Globalization = Neo-Liberalism?

In 1999, emerged a new phenomenon that is international anti_capitalis movement. where the term appears (which does not mean the same as socialist) action against capitalism which is often identified with neo-liberalism, and some actions such as its adherents coming from the government would lower the profit tax from the profit of the capitalist-produced and makes a high salary, selling SOEs to the private sector, weaken regulations that deal with the actions of capitalist enterprises, and abolish all economic protection through customs.
Because according to adherents of the capitalist, all government intervention in the world economy only resulted industries become inefficient spender. And poverty in third world can only be solved by implementing a comprehensive free-market policies, That is one of them through the activities of the WTO, World Bank, IMF.
Because if the economy is freed from the business of government intervention, then repair can be done thoroughly. Due to these measures, which may be one of them can be called privatization, capital can flow freely toward the desired place because there is no interference from the government. And each region to specialize in production section where they can generate, the comparative advantage. Perhaps through these processes is the rich will get richer again, but that's okay, because by general economic growth of income, wealth will be down a little (trickle down) to enrich the common people as well. 
So their argument, View of "neoliberal" of this kind usually associated with the theory of "globalization". According to that theory, restrukturalization the world has happened so that capital flowing freely without intervention by governments has been reached. We're live the era of multinational capitalism (or transnational). Apparatus of state is outdated institutions, which are no longer able to deter the companies move to seek advantage. If governments insist on trying to do such obstacles, their economies would be economic only "under siege.


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